Airport transfer booking agent, Resorthoppa, has announced that it’s one of the first to adopt a multi-channel attribution model. It means any publisher contributing to a customer journey that results in a sale will be remunerated.

Resorthoppa opted for multi-channel attribution because, according to the company’s chief executive officer Renaldo Scheepers, pre-decision research has become an integral part of the customer journey in the travel sector.

“The decision to shift from last click to multi-channel attribution comes from understanding that pre-decision research and considered purchases are common place within the travel sector, in which customers tend to use several sources before purchasing,” he said.

Content Publishers to Reap Programme’s Rewards

Attribution modelling company, DC Storm, offered guidance on the weighting, which is set at 50/20, depending on where affiliates sit in the customer journey. All publishers will receive a 50 weighting for first clicks and 20 for clicks between the first and last click.

The affiliate programme, being offered through Affiliate Window, will give content publishers a 50 weighting for last clicks, whereas voucher code websites will receive a 20 weighting for last clicks. You might think that if a content site displayed a voucher code it would be penalised and only receive a 20 weighting, but that’s not the case.

DC Storm’s professional services director, Peter Hutchinson, described how affiliates are manually categorised by Resorthoppa. He confirmed publishers would always be treated as their defined category and rewarded with a higher weighting when responsible for a sale.

“One of the key points is that any type of affiliate delivering new customers will be rewarded with a higher weighting – that’s what Resorthoppa really wants to encourage,” he said.

First-click Publishers Recognised

Not only do publishers receive a share of every sale they contribute to, they’ll also benefit from no longer missing out on sales due to the last click. A publisher will also have a larger piece of the pie if it’s responsible for the first click.

Resorthoppa has stated that it recognises the contribution of cashback and loyalty publishers to such an extent that it will still pay them based on last click rules with one caveat. The company said it may reassess the ruling at a later date.

Weather2Travel’s Colin Carter was enthusiastic about the use of the model and hoped that there’d be a more even distribution of the reward between publishers that had helped Resorthoppa make a sale.

“Resorthoppa’s new multi-attribution model is great news for content publishers and bloggers,” he said. “By focusing on the complete customer journey, publishers will be rewarded for good content and are less likely to lose out to incentive sites.”