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Mobile App Co Bought by Web Payment Giant

Mobile App Co Bought by Web Payment Giant


Global online money transfer business PayPal has acquired mobile app developing company Duff Research, as it attempts to strengthen its link in the fast moving mobile world.

The subsidiary of eBay, which is headquartered in California, has joined forces with the Duff team of engineers to help them build more ‘creative and simple ways’ for customers to use the PayPal digital wallet.

Although a concept not many are familiar with in the UK, the digital wallet scene, whereby people pay for things with an electronic version of a physical wallet - such as with a smartphone, is gathering pace in the US.

Mobile First Mentality

It was only last month that PayPal announced its new digital wallet relationship with The Home Depot store in the US, which will see stores equipped to accept payments from customers using a PayPal card, or a mobile phone number and PIN combination.

Chief technology officer at PayPal, James Barrese, said the company began developing all of its products with a mobile-first mentality last year, to drive engaging, simple customer experiences.

This week, Barrese said: “I’m pleased to announce that Duff Research – a group of award-winning mobile app developers – has been acquired by PayPal."

Win Win

Also based in California, the team at Duff Research has shipped more than 40 apps and has won four ‘best of Consumer Electronic Show’ awards and two technical Emmys.

A spokesman from Duff Research said: “PayPal is giving our team the opportunity to transform an industry and enhance people’s daily lives with technology.

“They’ve built the industry’s leading online payments platform, and our entire team is excited by the opportunity to work with the amazing group of technologists already at PayPal.”

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