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60 Tips in 60 Minutes

60 Tips in 60 Minutes

This lightning round session, led by Richard Baxter, Founder of SEOgadget and Laura Lippay, CEO at SEOgadget U.S., was chock-full of interesting tidbits and tips on search, social, conversion, mobile and content. From the long list of tips, there were some that stood out, but we think the combination of these is where the true value and takeaways can be found.

Session Search Tips included:

  • Add your keywords to Instagram/Pinterest images
  • Optimise Everything
  • Clean up [and analyse] your data to find which sites you should be on
  • Post Q&As; on your site, preferably your product pages (also included in Content section below)
  • Here a good tip to keep in mind is a tidbit offered by Dr. Fou in his PMI presentation: Consumers search by product category, not brands.
  • Create an advanced segment for QA keywords

Takeaway: Everything you post online can and should be optimised. Don’t ignore your pictures or social media postings when it comes to keywords or key phrases. In one of the other PMINYC presentations, “Traditional to Digital to Performance – Advertising as We Know it Has Changed,” by Dr. Fou, we learned that consumers are becoming more savvy with their searches, and because of the infinite virtual volumes of information on the internet, consumers are now tending to use key phrases instead of key words. Keep that in mind as you implement your optimization practices. Also, search engine optimization isn’t something you do once, and then forget about. It is an ongoing practice to be continuously maintained, refined, and expanded.

Content Tips Included:

  • Add value in a unique and remarkable way
  • Use explainer videos to tell your story
  • Develop your partnerships, exchange content
  • Develop a “definitive guide” [on your expertise]
  • Recruit stakeholder feedback and they can help you share your content
  • Compile [and decipher] data to earn links, people link to it
  • Make your data linkworthy, user-friendly, digestible, easy to embed
  • Use "How to Buy" videos on your category pages; in it, tell customers what to expect in the purchase cycle
  • Build a simple QA system on your site and post questions and answers on it, preferably your product pages

Takeaway: Content is everything, but not just any content, relevant content. Content that is educational. Content that is useful. Content that is understood. Content that takes away the mystery and fear from purchasing. Don’t guess at what is relevant…ask your audience.

The SEOgadget team wrapped their session with Tip # 60: Take your amazing team snowboarding, they'll love you for it!

Takeaway: Reward your hardworking teams with acknowledgement of their dedication, and simply have fun!



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