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Concerns Over Brand Control Looms Large

Concerns Over Brand Control Looms Large


Concerns over brand control in performance marketing are a key issue, according to a recent A4u study.

After conducting a survey this week, among attendees at our Performance Marketing Insights event in New York, a whopping 73% of people from within the industry said they are concerned about ‘brand control’, when it comes to performance marketing.

A total of 16% of people said they were ‘not really’ bothered about the control of their brand and 11% said ‘no’, they were not concerned at all.

Cause For Concern

In reaction to this, from a UK stance, marketing strategy delivery manager from digital marketing agency Brightpath, Steve Masters, said brand owners should be concerned.

As a publisher of various websites, Masters said he has subscribed in the past to a number of affiliate networks, and on several occasions, he has had to point out to networks that their messaging is damaging to the brand owner.

He highlighted an instance where he received an email from a network that said a brand had ‘closed’.

“I thought it was an announcement that the shop (a well-known brand) had gone out of business. In fact they were just announcing the closure of the affiliate program. Imagine the damage that could have been done to the brand owner,” Masters said.

Masters believes that some people within affiliate networks in charge of communication can often use poor quality messaging, so brand owners should be aware of how their brand is being represented and are right to show concern about this – hence the results.

Business development manager, Ben Hanvey, from social media agency Red Rocket Media, said in order for brands to alleviate ‘brand control’ fears, businesses need to take accountability for their online marketing and not just ‘leave it in the hands of an agency’.

Air Caution

“Online marketing or performance marketing is not and should never be a one size fits all,” Hanvey begins. “It’s something that should be planned for and budgeted for. If a company is offered ‘complete’ management or ‘package’ deals, my advice would be walk away.

“Or at least ask them to address how indeed it is that they intend to be the voice of a brand they just met and how they see themselves representing that brand in the future.”

Do you have concerns over control of your brand? Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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