Opt-in and data privacy solution, VeCompliance, has been launched by remarketing software provider, Ve Interactive. The tool sets out to help e-commerce and affiliate merchants deal with the legality of remarketing and re-engagement campaigns.

The Data Privacy Law has been tweaked by the European Union to require tighter adherence. Just displaying a message to warn consumers about the collection of personal information is no longer acceptable and in some circumstances illegal.

Businesses involved in e-commerce must now require explicit consent from consumers for ‘any purpose. Shoppers must be aware of, and able to exercise choice over, the collection and usage of their data.

Opt-in Independence

VeCompliance offers a clickable ‘okay’ button that appears when the mouse cursor is moved over a data field such as one for email input. Ve Interactive states that the tool operates independently of any other opt-in website functionality.

Co-founder of Ve Interactive, David J Brown, reiterated the importance of complying with the new legislation laid out by the European Union.

“If you want your remarketing communications to be legal, it is essential therefore to make sure that your data capturing complies with all applicable laws in all territories concerning the protection of personal data,” he said.