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Ads on Tablets Outperforming Smartphones

Ads on Tablets Outperforming Smartphones


Click-through rates (CTR) on tablets have overtaken those on smartphones, according to The Adfonic AdSnap: Tablets report. The turning point has occurred after a period of steep growth for the device as more manufacturers launch into the category.

Tablet CTR by branding

The CTR lead that the tablet has pulled out over the smartphone is more prevalent in branding campaigns, including cost per mille, than in direct response such as cost-per-acquisition, cost-per-click and cost-per-impression.

Tablet CTR by vertical

Smartphone CTR uplift still overpowers tablets in a number of verticals including automotive, fast-moving consumer goods and dating. Tablets however are seeing huge increases in CTR across style and fashion, lifestyle and health, and travel.

Volume Growth Power Tablet Ad Growth

Adfonic’s Adsnap report points to volume growth between the two device types as being one reason for the contrasting CTRs. The number of handsets in circulation make for a more mature smartphone market than that of tablets, which are still seeing a rapid uptake.

Percentage ad requests

Ad requests for each device differs depending on the time of the day. The percentage of ad requests on smartphones are higher at midnight, whereas tablets dominate requests in the early evening.

The report suggests tablets are at home in the living room where they’re being used for email, social and retail purposes. An early morning spike alludes to smartphones likely being a mainstay on bedside cabinets throughout the night.

Older Generations Favour Tablets

One surprising insight from Adfonic’s findings is that as age increases, so does tablet ownership. The middle-aged are shown to be more likely to choose tablets than their younger counterparts, which is especially true on iOS devices.

Tablet ownership by age

Victor Malachard, chief executive officer and co-founder of Adfonic, commented on the need for advertisers to design campaigns that make the best of smartphones and tablet devices.

“Tablets are outperforming smartphones in many scenarios – but that there remains a distinct role for smartphone campaigns planned and executed to complement their larger cousins,” he said.

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