Two years ago, in response to the risk the affiliate industry was becoming too heavily reliant on a handful of incentive sites, Affiliate Window bolstered its Publisher Team with a group of genuine industry experts that would not only engage new potential partners but also help existing partners by tailoring the service to meet their specific needs.

The first specialist recruits were from the travel and fashion sectors, where the demand from publishers was greatest, and they immediately set about using the rich data within the network to produce significant performance improvements.

2012’s results have proven the case: Fashion long tail partners grew their earnings 42% YoY to almost £3.7m. Our Travel sector has enjoyed a plethora of new recruits, as brand new publishers emerged to generate themselves £1.1m in commission.

Expert Knowledge

Our team are not just ‘experts’ by title but full time staff with incredible passion for their fields. Our Fashion Specialist spends 50% of her own personal time shopping for the latest trends and the other 50% reading fashion magazines and blogs, whilst our Travel Specialist plays with APIs for fun. It’s no surprise that the almost infectious enthusiasm they have for their roles has been very well received from our existing publisher base:

_“The travel specialist role at Affiliate Window has provided me with a proactive, friendly and innovative individual who really feels like they’re working on my behalf. They add value to my affiliate proposition and take the initiative by regularly sourcing new opportunities for me. It’s great to have an affiliate network who isn’t just concerned with the big money makers.” _

James Dunford Wood, Director at adnetmedia

Our recruitment success has, in large parts, stemmed from the vertical specialists hosting training sessions for new bloggers and potential partners (with ringing endorsements):

“AWin stand as market leaders in helping support bloggers make the most out of their online content.”Emily Rusby, Brand Consultant at FreetobeSupreme

New Sales

It’s not just the reaction and publisher feedback that’s been great, but the results have too: during 2012, 58% of publishers driving new sales on the network were from the fashion or travel sectors, which is a direct reflection of the proactive engagement of our experts who converse with partners in a way that’s familiar and comfortable to them.

Our vertical events in Electronics, Travel, Telecoms, Fashion and Gifting have complemented these new roles brilliantly with our third Fashion Focus taking place on 26th March. Any publishers with an interest in this space should get in touch so you can meet our experts face to face and see what they can do for your campaigns.

To see competitor networks following suit further reaffirms this strategy as the right thing for the market and we look forward to seeing the emergence of yet more innovative and professional long tail performers over the coming months.