TubeMogul has announced that its video inventory is now available for smartphone and tablet devices in the UK. The company revealed its video ads platform totals 12.5 million ad impressions every day.

Almost a year ago, Nexage partnered with TubeMogul on a similar offering. Now, though, Innovid’s CEO, Zvika Netter, confirmed that his company is lending a hand to advertisers looking to engage with potential customers using video.

“Partnering with TubeMogul to bring iRoll for Mobile functionality to a programmatic buying audience is a big step in helping marketers reach consumers anywhere,” he divulged.

Cross-platform Compatibility

The media is said to be compatible with every major device. Ads come in a number of flavours and range from pre-rolls that play before a video within an app to messages that play at the launch of an application or in between levels of a game.

Ads from TubeMogul’s inventory are full-screen and play instantly with active audio. The programmatic buying company believes this form of brand engagement on mobile has not previously been a feature of traditional display units.

Click-to-play mobile apps are also available for brands to purchase on a variety of news apps. TubeMogul wants video advertising to give brands a more measurable uplift where user input is required.

Engaging With Video Ads

Extra layers of engagement can be bundled into the mobile video ads. On-click functionality includes the ability to display movie times and cinema location, download mobile apps, add an event to a calendar and show the nearest retailer.

Co-founder of TubeMogul, Brett Wilson, set out to give marketers platform transparency. He wants advertisers to be able to reach a substantial number of consumers and see the results of campaigns immediately.

“Mobile advertising is a black box where marketers are not sure what they are buying,” he said. “We offer centralised buying of top inventory where advertisers control what apps they run in and see performance results in real time.”