enthuse.me (www.enthuse.me) is a new online tool for creating elegant one-page profiles to show off the best examples of your work or expertise. Released in beta, enthuse.me has been developed to support the growing number of self-employed, small businesses owners, and individuals who wish to build and promote their personal brand.

Recent figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that 367,000 more people were self-employed in 2012 compared with 2008. This trend, together with a growing desire for individuals to stand out more in their knowledge domains, is creating a demand for a new class of social network which allows people to showcase their own brand.

enthuse.me is filling this need, inviting users to create a clean, focussed profile to really show off what they do best. It lets you hand-pick the best examples of your expertise by easily embedding your work from anywhere on the web, or adding your own original content; displaying stats from your social networks, as well as relevant videos, blogs, and portfolio websites in a focused way.

By keeping the interface clean and elegant, it’s easy to view and fast to use. CEO and founder Dan Jacobs says, “We want to help users apply the very best marketing strategies to promoting themselves. Our call to action is to focus on what you’re really good at by giving 5-10 great examples of your work and augmenting this content with other features on the site. While LinkedIn is about your career history, and Facebook is about your friends and personal life, enthuse.me is for focussing on what you do best right now, and promoting your expertise.”

The beta site is now open for people to create their profile with a quick and easy set-up process. Future iterations will include the ability to connect with other experts in your speciality, and to host and contribute to discussion around the ‘insights’ that mean the most to you.

About enthuse.me
Founded in 2012 and backed by venture capital, enthuse.me is a free online service which allows individuals to showcase their work, knowledge or passion online by building a focussed, elegant, one-page profile.

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