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‘Credible’ Affiliate Publishers Listed in New US Report

‘Credible’ Affiliate Publishers Listed in New US Report


American data collection and tracking company, Convertro, has revealed its top 10 accretive affiliate publishers.

The new report from the California-based business, which helps brands and agencies track and calculate the return on investment (ROI) of every marketing touch point across all media, is designed to allow marketers to identify which affiliates are growing well and are credible.

The marketing optimisation platform said its report gives marketers a clear guide for selecting profitable affiliate partners that introduce new customers or revenue, and thereby deliver long-term business value.

Many of the Convertro clients who worked with the top 10 publishers accessed them via affiliate networks - the most popular being Commission Junction, LinkShare and Google Affiliate Network.

Suspicious of Tactics

Chief executive officer of Convertro, Jeff Zwelling, said: “Affiliate partnerships have become a common tool in the marketing mix, and yet many marketers remain suspicious of the tactics publishers use and the true customer lifetime value they create.

“In fact, there are many reputable websites that rely on affiliate marketing deals, and the best ones bring in significant traffic that converts on a legitimate basis. With these report results, marketers can easily identify which affiliates are credible and accretive.”

Starting with a pool of more than 1,000 affiliate candidates, Convertro analysed the value of each based on the experiences of the company’s entire client base, which is comprised of businesses with an online presence in industries including e-commerce, dating, automotive, gaming, sports, business-to-business services and social media.

To identify the top 10 (listed below) Convertro first determined which affiliates were properly trackable and which had spread to no fewer than four different Convertro clients, which increased the level of accuracy and reliability in the results.

No Cookie Stuffers Allowed

The company then excluded any affiliates who are known or that it identified as cookie stuffers, serve only one vertical market, have a low count of clients, conversions or traffic, that install adware or malware toolbars on client sites, use 404 and DNS error hijacking, or that it detected bidding on branded pay-per-click (PPC) search terms to steal traffic from brand owners.

Finally, Convertro analysts evaluated conversions based on their cross-channel multi-attribution model, which utilises big data to credit all marketing sources and touch points. This included cross-channel and cross-device interactions, according to the role that each touch-point played over the lifetime of the customer. This model was used to determine the true value of each affiliate relationship.

Convertro identified the following affiliates as delivering the highest percentages of introductory and one-and-done visits across industries:

1. TrialPay

2. Top Consumer Reviews

3. DealMoon

4. Top Ten Reviews

5. Corporate Perks

6. Box Tops for Education


8. SkyMiles Shopping

9. TheFind


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