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US Affiliate Tracking Platform Ups the Ante

US Affiliate Tracking Platform Ups the Ante


Instead of jumping on the bandwagon and launching a new mobile app, US affiliate tracking software platform, LinkTrust, has chosen to release a ‘mobile optimised’ version of its site instead.

The Utah-based company, which helps affiliate ad networks and online merchants manage affiliate programs, says it wanted to respond to the growing demand for mobile services, but opted not to build an app as it wanted to make the site automatically work on any internet-enabled smartphone.

This means that those using LinkTrust from the palm of their hand do not have to download yet another app, as anytime they login on their phone, they will get the mobile version of LinkTrust automatically.

New Feature Spurs on Traffic

LinkTrust president Bret Grow said mobile traffic to LinkTrust has increased by nearly 15% since the company released its mobile optimised offering last week.

"Like everyone in the affiliate marketing world, I check my phone day and night more often than I'd like to admit. Not staying on top of a campaign’s or affiliate’s performance can cost thousands of dollars in a relatively short period of time,” Grow said.

“With LinkTrust's new mobile-optimised partner centre we've made it easier to stay connected and up-to-date no matter what phone or tablet you use.”

The fuss-free site is designed to make it simple to see the stats LinkTrust users need and allows them to make the most common adjustments with ease.

Staying in the Know

The site allows users to monitor their most important account stats, top 10 campaigns or top 10 affiliates, manage the status of any campaign they have permission to edit, update affiliate confirmation pixels, and send creatives and tracking links in one click – and much more.

“As mobile grows, so will the tools to accomplish affiliate marketing on-the-go. We're excited to continue adding functionality to all of our mobile features, including the partner centre,” Grow added. "The future of mobile tools will make it easy to do more with stats and managing affiliates, whether that's at a desk or on a trade show floor."

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