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Get Paid to Watch Ads - Is This The Future?

Get Paid to Watch Ads - Is This The Future?


Content-hungry consumers can now watch online shows and films for free – but only if they ‘engage’ with brands by watching their adverts first.

From flashing ad banners on web pages to specifically targeted subtle popup ads, advertisers and marketers are constantly looking at new ways to get the consumer look, click, engage and of course, buy. But will this model become a thing of the past as we look to paying the consumer to view adverts?

New on-demand content streaming service, from US start-up HitBliss, is offering users the chance to sit through a selection of adverts, which then earns them credits to buy and watch online content.

Tailor-Made Adverts

To help advertisers reach different segments of the HitBliss audience, the Massachusetts-based company offers users the chance to personalise their settings, ensuring they only see adverts that appeal to them.

If in the mood for certain brand categories only, such as electronics, cars or fashion, users can change the channel to find more of what they want.

If, like me, you thought about just hitting play on the ads and then leaving the room to do something more productive, think again, as HitBliss has covered that base. The adverts are periodically interrupted, prompting viewers to click a button to prove they are still watching.

Brands Pay For Attention

Users can skip adverts if they wish, and still get paid for each second they watched. Likewise, the advertisers only pay for the proportion of the time viewers spend on their ads.

A HitBliss spokesman said: “Turning on ad personalisation generally lets you earn faster, because brands are willing to pay more for the time and attention of someone who would be interested in their products or services.”

Users can build their balance over several earning sessions throughout the day or week, from up to three different devices.

However, if users do not want to bother sitting through a raft of adverts, they can simply just pay to watch content.

Next Step – The UK?

An active Facebook account is required to sign up to HitBliss and it is currently only available to people in the US. But, could this catch on in the UK?

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