Content Amp is the new name for Search News Media. The digital agency revealed the thinking behind the rebrand was to highlight an expanded range of services and the growing importance of content in online marketing.

Recent Outbrain research found that 90% of the marketers surveyed believe that content marketing will be more important in the next 12 months. Similarly, 73% of the study’s respondents pointed to a new era in which ‘brands are becoming publishers’.

The co-founder, Francis Turner, described the breadth of projects that brands were now outsourcing to dedicated third parties. Some of the agency’s campaigns have included blogs, infographics and white papers.

“Anything from a daily news blog to a great infographic; a 3,000-word white paper to a stunning corporate video; or an outreach campaign to promote a brand through distributed editorial or cost-per-view viral video seeding via our native content network,” he said.

Adapting to Content’s Growing Significance

The rebrand illustrates the growing importance of content creation and its so-called amplification for brands in the years ahead. Content Amp will work with advertisers and their agencies on content-led campaigns across social, PR, SEO, video and display.

The renamed UK agency has only been in operation since 2010. However, Turner feels it’s a good time to push through this change in persona in order to adapt to this new era of content.

“Since our launch in 2010 we’ve expanded our range of services far beyond news content for engagement and SEO,” he said. “The new name is far more indicative of what we do as a business in 2013.”