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Amazon Monopolising Google Paid Search Results

Amazon Monopolising Google Paid Search Results

PerformanceIN ranks as the most visible advertiser in Google UK paid search. The online retailer’s average paid visibility is more than double that of, which sits just behind in Searchmetrics’ top 20.

Searchmetrics’ paid search top 20 is dominated by retail, price comparison and travel brands. is accompanied by, and in just the first five places.

Top 20 paid search visibility

The paid visibility score is calculated by measuring how frequently and prominently a domain appears in paid search results. It’s based on weekly data from the search results for millions of keywords.

The Paid/Organic Balancing Act

Marcus Tober, chief technology officer (CTO) of Searchmetrics, discussed how companies utilise paid search to complement organic activities, sometimes spending more of their organic ranking takes a noticeable dip.

“Many online companies plan paid search campaigns hand in hand with their organic search marketing efforts - often turning to paid search to keep their traffic stable in the wake of fluctuations in the organic search results,” he explained.

Top 20 organic search visibility

Tober’s reasoning seems well founded. is placed sixth in Searchmetrics’ top 20 of most visible sites in organic search on Google UK. The e-tailer could be spending big on paid search to compensate for its lower organic visibility.

Google’s Content Focus

The chart underlines how much Google is rewarding unique content. News sites and content portals are scattered throughout the top 10 and arguably the biggest article generator of them all,, has the number one slot.

Matthias Bachor, marketing director at Searchmetrics, concedes that Amazon’s influence on Google’s paid and organic search rankings will only continue, further cementing its place as one of the top online retailers in the UK.

"From the results of our study you would expect that many potential online shoppers who are not sure where to buy a product will end up buying at Amazon, because it is highly visible in both the organic and paid part of Google, driving lots of customers to its website,“ he said.

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Simon Holland

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