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TagMan Enters Crowded Big Data Market With LEAP

TagMan Enters Crowded Big Data Market With LEAP


TagMan has announced the immediate availability of LEAP, its big marketing data platform that has been developed with the help of Vodafone. The tool uses TagMan's tag management assets to visualise customer data.

LEAP is the tag management company’s first significant foray into big data. The platform can track a customer’s entire marketing experience across any device or channel. Marketers can then share data for campaign optimisation, personalisation and site experience.

Upon first glance, the functionality isn’t too dissimilar to that of other companies that combine big data and attribution such as QuBit. Its platform, OpenTag, is also aimed squarely at the customer insights and website personalisation arena.

A4u has asked TagMan how it hopes to differentiate itself from, and catch up with, the already established big data players, but the company has yet to get back to us with comment.

LEAP Links to Other Systems

A Visual Insights Suite accompanies LEAP’s ‘drag and tag’ vendor tag implementations. The Suite gives customer journey feedback through business intelligence charts, which can be synchronised with CRMs, bid-management and order fulfilment systems.

Mobile functionality is also on offer. LEAP Mobile offers the chance to launch, test, or phase out third-party app services at any time for flexible mobile analytics, a feature that’s likely to be of particular interest to mobile carriers.

Vodafone’s interest may have been piqued by LEAP Mobile to such an extent that it became involved with the platform’s development at an early stage. The network used LEAP to discover inefficiencies in certain digital channels and was then able to allocate investment to those channels that were undervalued by last-click models.

Gareth Davies, Head of Channel Demand at Vodafone, appears to be an advocate of LEAP’s big data functionality. “The power of data-driven marketing means that we actively reallocate budgets to drive better results through the channels that work best on an on-going basis,” he said.


A TagMan spokesperson responded to our call for comment with the following:

"TagMan is focused on delivering solutions for a particular functional or vertical business case, namely marketing. We do not compete with other niche players who make money by selling or leveraging data to fuel their own solutions – like some DMPs and/or tag based testing and personalization tools. We simplify data access for marketers by isolating the marketing data layer and delivering that data in real-time. Then our clients can visualise, analyse and share that data with other vendors and stakeholders."

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