MassiveImpact has launched Freemium Exchange, a mobile advertising model with no ad serving or exchange commission fees. It says publishers will benefit from the full monetisation of their inventory and the resulting increased earnings.

Using Freemium Exchange, MassiveImpact states that it can push publishers towards a new segment of performance advertisers. The model connects mobile publishers directly to CPC and CPM products on ad networks, which takes any middle man fees out of the equation.

Publishers receive specific visitors based on mobile behaviour and purchase history using what MassiveImpact calls its Real Time Performance technology. The mobile display firm is confident of its ability to push up advertiser ROI and publisher traffic using its personalised media.

Industry First

Such is MassiveImpact’s confidence, that the company touts itself as the only mobile marketing platform guaranteeing an ROI on ad budgets. Advertisers only pay when a predefined goal has been reached, which could be an online conversion, app install or in-app purchase.

Whether MassiveImpact’s mobile cost-per-action model is an industry first or just marketing hyperbole is up for debate. However the company does say that its approach and technology has been patented, indicating that there’s some level of originality.

Sephi Shapira, MassiveImpact’s Founder and CEO, suggests the company’s high level of tracking, and the user data its able to garner through this tracking, adds to the relevancy of Freemium Exchange.

“We gain insight into users’ activity along the lifetime of the product, and then carry that data over to the new Freemium Exchange, allowing us to double our publishers’ bottom line in most cases,” he said.