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TV Ads Propel Trio of Publishers Into Limelight

TV Ads Propel Trio of Publishers Into Limelight


Rocketing social media figures, a huge surge in web hits and a boost in membership numbers are the results three publishers experienced after launching into TV advertising.

UK-founded cashback companies Quidco and TopCashback, and online broadband comparison site, have revealed to A4u what the repercussions were from taking their online brands to an offline audience.

Although both cashback companies graced the small screen with their first ads in 2011, it was the 2012 ad creations that seemed to pull in the customers and online social media fans.

Energetic Ad - Marmite?

Whether you love it or hate it, chances are you have come across TopCashback’s TV advert featuring a man prancing around in a pair of bright orange parachute trousers and a vibrant green shirt.

Following the launch of the lively ad, five months ago, the company has reported an increase in its member base of 25 per cent.

As of September 2012 the company had 76,099 Facebook ‘likes’. Since the airing there has been a 16% increase in ‘likes’ and its Facebook page now has more than 88,000 fans.

The TV advert, which lends itself to the 1990 MC Hammer music hit ‘U Can’t Touch This’, proved such a hit that even Sky Sports TV show, Soccer AM, aired a parody of the advert this month.

TopCashback’s head of communications and public relations, Natasha-Rachel Smith, said the company will continue to run the ad for as long as they feel it is effective in communicating its message.

“Customer response has been incredibly interesting. The ad is like Marmite - either people love it enthusiastically or find it a bit over-the-top, Smith said.

“You don’t walk away indifferent to it; it stirs up a reaction and you’re almost innately, immediately obligated to have an opinion. But, regardless, it got people talking about TopCashback and heading straight to the site, and that’s the point of advertising.”

Since investing in TV activity in both 2011 and 2012, Quidco has added a further 1.6 million members in less than two years. This took its membership total to 2.8 million and showed a 357% quicker rate of growth compared to before it launched any TV activity.

Facebook Boost

Quidco’s director of marketing and insight, Chris Catchpole, said: “What's more, our TV activity as part of our wider strategy has resulted in a surge in web searches and engagement across social media platforms.”

Within two months of launching the initial TV campaign, web searches increased by 33%.

Catchpole said that Quidco’s social media presence has also increased significantly as a result of growing membership numbers. Facebook fans have increased from 45,000 to 120,000 and its Twitter following has increased from 9,000 to 24,000 followers.

After the June 2012 Quidco Quartet TV ad aired, the brand’s figures show that over 20% more of the UK audience recognised the Quidco brand, it has added a further 800,000 members to the site, and has seen the level of Facebook fans grow by more than 100%.

Brand Awareness

“The Quidco brand continues to grow in awareness with latest figures showing that 33% of the UK will recall the Quidco brand unaided and 62% aided,” Catchpole added.

In a bid to get its brand name out to a new mass audience in a short space of time, decided to launch its first TV ad on Boxing Day 2012.

Commercial director at the business, Simon Piper, said the response to the advert has been hugely positive and that traffic to its website for January 2013 grew by 61%, year-on-year.

“We had become the best we could be online with our newly redesigned website, so generating interest from an offline audience rather than people who were already online became our priority,” Piper added.

The company said a total of 73% of UK adults have now seen the ad and conversion rates are also growing too. Spontaneous awareness of the brand has trebled and prompted awareness has doubled among consumers in under a month.

Broadbandchoices’ next advert launches in May and Quidco is currently working on its next TV move.

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