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Keeping up With Google’s Enhanced Campaigns

Keeping up With Google’s Enhanced Campaigns


As multi-device marketing techniques and new innovations continue to stream into marketers’ lives, people have no choice but to keep up with the changes – as one US company demonstrates.

It is only February, but it is clear there are many changes afoot within the world of performance marketing, and indeed the tools used by marketers.

Upgrades Cause a Stir

California-based search technology provider, SearchForce, which delivers ‘leading-edge, high-performance online marketing tools’, says it has had to quickly adapt to the latest innovations, particularly Google related, to ensure success for its clients.

Google has provoked debate among agencies and brands alike after its recent upgrade to AdWords and with the new roll out of its new Enhanced Campaigns - which lets users more easily adjust their ads and bids, depending on the customers’ location, device, and time of day - all within a single campaign.

Following on from news of the enhancements, in which Google plans to upgrade all campaigns by mid-2013, SearchForce has announced that its platform will fully support the new innovations.

SearchForce will release a proprietary bid adjustment engine for mobile campaigns by mid-March and will also be compliant with the new AdWords.

SearchForce’s new offering for mobile bid adjustments will support various marketing strategies, including both traffic and conversion acquisition goals.

The Right Performance Marketing Solutions

SearchForce chief technology officer, Santhosh Nair, said: “Everyone’s concerned about these changes – especially how advertisers will be prepared to handle this complex transition.

“We’re making sure our clients have access to the right performance marketing solutions that will fully support these changes well before they are required.”

Nair said advertisers must cope with these upcoming changes, specifically the strategic adjustments required for bidding on desktop vs. mobile devices.

Google’s Enhanced Campaigns, designed to help advertisers succeed in a multi-screen world, allow users to see the estimated change in impressions, clicks and cost depending on the selected mobile bid adjustment.

The function also allows users to set bid adjustments to increase or decrease bids for mobile devices and different contexts – such as location and time of day.

Campaign Goals

Google group product manager, Surojit Chatterjee, said: “Experienced search marketers know that bids are one of many factors that influence overall campaign performance, along with keywords, ads, extensions, and landing pages.

“So after setting a mobile bid adjustment, periodically measure your results and make changes as needed to better meet your campaign goals.”

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