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The Power of Targeted Social Tools

The Power of Targeted Social Tools


The global use of social media marketing platforms shows no sign of slowing down in 2013, as more marketers look for ways to target consumers.

US marketing platform Offerpop says it is hot on the heels of the latest web developments and has unveiled two new social data features to help brands launch more engaging campaigns.

The New York-based company, which acts as a social marketing platform for Facebook and Twitter, has revealed its new ‘Categories’ and ‘Fan Database’ features.

The latest options allow brands to run engaging campaigns, while categorising and measuring the success of their social content.

Since revealing the new features, Offerpop says more than 25 big name brands have already seen an 84% lift in fans that actively interact with timeline content.

Fan Loyalty Boost

Viacom’s Logo TV uncovered trending topics among their fan base, so subsequently developed a new content strategy around their findings. Offerpop said the results were immediate as Logo TV experienced a 195% increase in fan loyalty.

Co-founder and CEO of Offerpop, Wendell Lansford, said that as more than 1.4 billion consumers now spend 22% of their online time on social networks, she believes it is vital that brands understand what content inspires action, or which fans are the most engaged.

“Our platform simply and smartly makes sense of all that social data, finally giving brands the ability to use social data to drive conversions across key marketing channels,” Lansford said.

The new categories section allows marketers to create custom keyword categories for content shared on their timeline. They can then track fan engagement level for each segment.

Armed with this intelligence, marketers can discover trending topics and optimise content across all channels.

Highly Targeted Social Advertising

The new fan database feature automatically creates detailed social profiles for anyone who interacts with a brand’s timeline. It works by capturing high-value data such as email addresses and opt-ins from fans who participate in Offerpop-based campaigns.

Social media manager Mae Karwowski, from US lifestyle brand Gilt City, said the new features have given the brand a more rounded picture of who its fans and followers are.

"Now we know which products and topics are driving engagement among different demographics, and we're using that data to run highly targeted social advertising,” Karwowski said. “It's really demonstrating the impact social data can have on our other digital marketing efforts."

As previously detailed by A4u, there’s been a rise in social engagement tools as marketers and brands continue in their quest for dominance across the web.

Back in March last year Digital Animal offered its new micro-affiliate concept, Have You Seen took its affiliate model social, and in December we spoke to an SEO consultant at the newly launched free social promotion tool,

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