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BlueGlass Continues Expansion With Launch of BlueGlass EMEA

BlueGlass Continues Expansion With Launch of BlueGlass EMEA


BlueGlass has acquired Idealizer and launched BlueGlass EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) in Switzerland. Michael Bonfils has also been brought in as vice president of? global markets, where he’ll be responsible for the EMEA, Asia and Latin America regions.

Idealizer offers it clients a similar service to BlueGlass, which was likely the reason for it being targeted. In addition to digital marketing, the Swiss agency is said to house expertise in localisation, internationalisation and a European network of connections.

The business deal follows another purchase in the UK of Quaturo.The specialist content marketing agency was headed up by Kevin Gibbons and had clients like Vistaprint, Wonga, UCAS and Audley Travel on its books, which have since become part of BlueGlass UK.

Growth Through Acquisition

The preference for acquisitions was confirmed by Quaturo CEO, Richard Zwicky. “Our proprietary IP systems and internal teams provide services and growth potential for our clients that would be difficult - or maybe even impossible, to build on a country-by-country basis,” he said.

Switzerland was pinpointed by BlueGlass as being the ideal starting point for its EMEA activities. Global industries covering pharmaceuticals, nutrition and finance all have headquarters in the country.

One of Bonfils’ responsibilities will be to ensure BlueGlass has a seat at the table of these Swiss-headquartered companies. He’s no stranger to a occupying a global position having been president at International Media Management Corporation.

Zwicky seemed under no illusion that he has the right man for the job at Blueglass when discussing his credentials. “Michael is a true thought leader in the international marketing space,” he said.

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