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Bad Web Ads Will ‘Kill’ Off Future Revenue

Bad Web Ads Will ‘Kill’ Off Future Revenue


Websites that rely on advertising revenue need to come up with new strategies to ensure they stick around long term, according to a group of online ad gurus.

Adblock Plus, which acts as a browser add-on that addresses intrusive online advertising, says online site owners need to take more notice and care over who they let advertise on their sites.

In a new study from Adblock, it found that 95% of people do not trust online advertising. It also noted that only 5% of people said they trusted online banner adverts and just 2.8% of people trusted adverts received on their smartphones.

The Race for Ad Clicks

Co-founder of Adblock Plus, Till Faida, said the company’s research found that ‘virtually nobody’ trusts online advertising and that changes must be made in a bid to build consumer confidence in online advertising.

Faida believes that new strategies are needed if online site owners want to secure their financial future.

“The problem is that in the race for advertising clicks, many online sites are killing the long-term sustainability of their advertising revenue stream,” Faida said.

“The only way forward is a balanced and responsible approach to advertising that allows people to profit from their creative content without irritating users to the point where they take measures to eliminate seeing any adverts.”

Substandard Ads

Faida stressed that ‘substandard’ adverts reflect badly on the site and damage the credibility and trustworthiness of any wider content.

Faida, who said that nearly 50% of people in the UK already use ad blocking software or would like to find out how, believes that many websites need to re-asses the intrusiveness of their adverts.

“The credibility gap that online advertisers have created for themselves is a serious issue and one that will challenge the sustainability of many websites unless it is addressed,” Faida added.

“With such low levels of trust, this is an issue that cannot be ignored by anyone who wishes to profit from their creative content online.”

A third of people in Adblock’s research said they trusted television advertising.

Why do you think consumers have a trust issue with online adverts?

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