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ComScore Predicts Future Digital Trends in the UK

ComScore Predicts Future Digital Trends in the UK


Growing mobile video audiences, escalating online shopping rates, older internet users and growth in new social media platforms, are just a few of the anticipated and continuing trends ahead in 2013, says global research giant comScore.

The UK market has never been a more fertile ground for digital marketers, according to a new report from the internet technology company, which provides analytics for the digital world.

Findings from the ‘2013 UK Digital Future in Focus Report’ have revealed that UK internet users spend a whopping 37 hours online per month – more than any other European market.

Smartphone Boom Redefines Landscape

The study found that nearly one third of web-based page views in the UK are also now viewed on smartphones and tablets.

It also noted that UK consumers are more digitally-engaged than ever before and stated that their usage of mobile internet-enabled devices is ‘redefining the UK media landscape’.

Managing director for comScore in the UK, Mike Read, said: “We’ve been preparing for a future scenario where most people will consume content on the go and PCs would no longer be the centre of the digital universe.

“This future is quickly becoming a reality with smartphones now in the hands of two out of every three UK mobile phone owners, and devices such as smartphone and tablets, now driving nearly a third of internet usage.”

Online & Mobile Video Increase

Key insights from the report showed that the UK online video audience grew 8% in the past year, while mobile video audience grew 262%.

Page views from non-PC devices reached an all-time high with nearly one third of all UK page views now from smartphones and tablets.

A total of 64% of UK mobile users own a smartphone, while 82% of new phones bought in December 2012 were smartphones.

Brits Turn to Non-Traditional Search Sites

Studies showed that Google maintained its strong hold of the search engine market, capturing 91% of all UK searches.

Interestingly as the search market continues to evolve, Brits are also turning to non-traditional search sites such as Amazon and eBay to search for information and products, the report said.

Of course Facebook remains the leading social network in the UK, capturing the greatest number of unique visitors. However, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest and Goodreads are tipped to be rising stars having witnessed strong growth over the year across both PC and mobile.

Online Shopping Growth

ComScore said online shopping now reaches nine out of 10 UK internet users, while mobile shopping is growing rapidly as one in five Brits used their smartphone to purchase goods or services in December 2012.

The report also noted an internet user trend of what it calls ‘silver surfers’ – those aged 55 or more. It said that people of this age represent an important part of the UK online audience, accounting for 20.4% of the online population.

Thanks to comScore’s new partnership with the UK Online Measurement Company (UKOM), a new multi-platform audience measurement tool will soon be launched.

Read added: “The ability to understand usage across computers, smartphones and tablets will better reflect the state of digital media today, facilitate cross-platform comparisons and enable clients to effectively manage their digital investments.”

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