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VisualDNA’s Audience Targeting To Infiltrate Four New European Markets

VisualDNA’s Audience Targeting To Infiltrate Four New European Markets


Videology is set to bring VisualDNA’s audience targeting to even more European countries in the near future. The digital advertising platform has revealed that Ireland, France, Italy and Spain are to have local support for VisualDNA.

Introducing VisualDNA to other European markets has pushed Videology one step closer to reaching its end game of understanding the consumer. The digital advertising platform believes that consumer audience targeting is much less accessible in this part of the world than it is in the UK or USA.

Clients using VisualDNA will have access to an array of data to help understand more about their consumers, their purchase intent and demographics. Feedback on the emotive and lifestyle factors that influence the various stages of the buying process will also be available.

Publicitas Helping to Expand Data Footprint

VisualDNA and Videology already have a good relationship, having partnered in the UK since 2011. During this time, VisualDNA has been working with Publicitas on expanding its data footprint and enhancing publisher inventory with its targeting.

France, Spain and the other new European territories are all set to reap the rewards of the Publicitas relationship. VisualDNA has said that it expects to see a significant increase in the number of data profiles it’s able to offer these regions.

Anne de Kerckhove, managing director of Videology France and Southern Europe, was enthusiastic about the additional targeting her company could accomplish in the new territories with VisualDNA’s assistance.

“By integrating key partners like VisualDNA into our platform we’re able to use data to not only effectively and efficiently target our client campaigns to the audience they want to reach, but also fuel our ad-decisioning capabilities into multiple formats,” she said.

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Simon Holland

Simon Holland

    Simon is the news and research reporter at Existem. Previously a technology journalist, he now spends his time investigating both future and developing trends in performance marketing whilst producing editorial content for

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