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‘Urgent’ Changes Needed During Tough Ad Time

‘Urgent’ Changes Needed During Tough Ad Time


Mobile advertisers will be able to route incoming traffic to any URL, allowing custom optimisation of their ad campaigns – thanks to a new ad tracking service.

US mobile industry proprietary iMobiTrax, which was built for mobile affiliates, by mobile affiliates, has announced the launch of its mobile post-click optimisation redirect technology - aimed at mobile marketers, mobile advertisers and mobile ad networks.

The self hosted mobile marketing platform, which tracks mobile campaigns in real time, says iMobiTrax post-click redirects have the ability to re-route traffic when a user clicks on a unique tracking link.

This then directs them to an offer or landing page that is unique to their geographic location, mobile device, carrier, network speed, or other important metrics.

High Quality Results

This allows mobile campaigns to reach a much broader audience and has the ability to filter the traffic efficiently, yielding the highest quality results for mobile advertisers.

IMobiTrax’s CEO Ralph Ruckman said: "The demand for post-click optimisation redirects in mobile advertising is absolutely critical right now.

“Mobile ad networks, demand side platforms, and mobile ad exchanges are facing a tough time in delivering high quality traffic that mobile advertisers are targeting."

Stagnant Databases Not Good Enough

Ruckman went onto say that inaccurate reporting and ‘stagnant databases’ of IP ranges from mobile advertising networks, are a big reason why mobile advertisers have not fully jumped into mobile advertising and provided substantial ad budgets towards it.

“With the increasing demand for effective mobile advertising, there is an urgent need for new methods for mobile ad measurement, analysis and optimisation,” Ruckman said.

IMobiTrax has also added the ability to allow or disallow Wi-Fi traffic, Opera Mobi and Opera Mini traffic.

“At least now, mobile advertisers have the ability to block certain types of traffic and redirect non-targeted, incoming mobile clicks to campaigns, offers and landing pages of their choice in real-time, on the fly,” Ruckman added.

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