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Publisher Announces ‘Groundbreaking’ New Enterprise

Publisher Announces ‘Groundbreaking’ New Enterprise

TopCashback has this morning revealed its latest ‘pioneering’ venture to A4u.

Following closed door discussions, the cashback site is offering members the chance to get cashback on petrol with some of the nation’s biggest supermarket chains and fuel giant Esso.

It is the first offer of its type in the UK and the company is expecting a surge in members - but if all hell breaks loose on the forecourt the deal may have to be revised!

The offer, which gives members £2 cashback when they spend a minimum of £10 on petrol, is part of TopCashbcak’s Snap & Save app, an online offering which allows consumers to earn cashback on goods in the supermarket.

Head of communications for TopCashback, Natasha-Rachel Smith, said they are expecting a huge rise in members from today as savvy shoppers will be looking to take advantage of the offer – particularly during such a tough economic climate.

“People have never been able to get cashback like this on petrol and this is such positive news for businesses and consumers, Smith said.

“This really is groundbreaking and shows that there are no limits to what we can offer our partners and members – it is pioneering. We are the first cashback site to offer this as we continue to keep up with innovations.”

Smith stressed that members should not be using the app on the forecourt and said the business hopes the offer will be around long term – but it has not been confirmed as of yet.

Supermarkets tend to offer customers money off petrol, per litre, but only after they have spent a certain amount in-store. TopCashback’s only requirement is that a minimum of £10 must be spent on the petrol.

Smith said other affiliate rivals may well follow suit in a bid to keep up with TopCashback, especially as cashback sites look to move further away from more traditional offers.

“It’s hard not to copy something as outstanding as this deal, but I hope other companies look to come up with new ideas,” Smith added.

The deal will initially be available for seven days, but it is likely to continue for longer, depending on how well it is received.

Members should check the Snap & Save app for participating petrol stations. The cashback deal can be used in conjunction with other offers.

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