Affiliate Window has rolled out its Live Chat to all publishers. The new support feature, which was previously being tested on new sign-ups, lets publishers have their questions answers by network employees in real time.

Based on Zopim’s instant-messaging technology, the Live Chat feature averaged 80+ conversations a week during its testing phase. Affiliate Window believes these figures offer proof that publishers are engaging with the new communication tool.

The chance of some dedicated support for a publisher getting into performance marketing for the first time could be of great benefit, according to the network. An instant response could be the difference between a converted customer and a lost lead.

Live Chat fuels conversions

When the Live Chat was being tested on signups, Affiliate Window recorded conversion rate growth of nearly 15% at its peak and a 7% average increase. The evidence shows that publishers responded to a more punctual reply to their support queries.

When asked whether Affiliate Window might be phasing out other lines of support, the company’s head of publisher services, Edwyn McFarlane, said that Live Chat would complement emails and telephone.

“I wouldn’t be so bold as to suggest that we can phase out emails and phone calls altogether,” he said. “The reality in the modern day is that everyone likes to communicate differently and we’re simply embracing everyone’s personal preferences as best we can.”