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Social Media Is Not Enough to Engage

Social Media Is Not Enough to Engage


Global social media marketing software provider, Wildfire, has released its top strategies to keep consumers coming back for more.

The division of Google, which has more than 21,000 customers worldwide, said an active social presence is crucial in today’s age.

In its latest report it stresses that although marketers need to up the ante by personally connecting with fans and followers on a regular basis, this strategy should coincide with paid for ads within social media – for maximum exposure.

Engagement Strategy

“Many marketers aren’t aware that an active social presence, no matter how consistently engaging, doesn’t guarantee them visibility in their fans' and followers’ news feeds,” a Wildfire spokesman said.

“According to one study, a brand’s posts on Facebook typically reach just 16% of its fans. So while publishing a steady stream of content is a very necessary part of engagement strategy, it is not sufficient as a stand-alone strategy.”

The report says that organic reach alone will not get the message out to communities at the broadest scale, but there are certain free messaging strategies that consistently prove to increase fan engagement across social networks.

As social pages are the perfect platform for people to express their opinions, ‘tapping into fan passions’ is one of Wildfire’s top strategies. For example if you are a food brand, asking fans for their favourite recipes or opinions on food trends would help engage with them.

Communication Tactics

'Asking simple closed questions’ is a popular tactic used by the likes of Timberland and Vevo, as it is quick to do and generates a good response. It also means users do not have to spend a long time considering detailed answers.

'Tell users what you want from them’ by using instructive language to make it clear what you want your fans to do.

“Believe it or not, ending a post with the instruction to ‘Like’ or ‘+1' a post usually results in a markedly higher number of those actions,” a Wildfire spokesman added.

VIP Treatment

‘Treat your fans like they are VIPs’ is another tip, as according to research firm Razorfish, the number one reason fans like or follow a brand on social networks is to get access to exclusive content, promotions, and deals.

By ‘inviting one-on-one interactions’, this can take the relationship to a new level, the Wildfire report says. Addressing fans by their name or even responding personally to their comments is deemed a personal touch that often surprises users.

In a bid to take the relationship to the next level, Wildfire says it is important to not just sit back and wait for a chance to engage.

“Actively invite personal conversation with your community by soliciting their opinions on relevant topics or asking them what types of content they want to see,” a Wildfire spokesman said.

Sneak Peak

By offering sneak peeks at products or a behind the scene glimpse, this also helps in 'humanizing your brand’, which Wildfire says is a key strategy.

It also says that adding messages or consumer photos adds depth to the brand's personality and changes its image from being ‘untouchable’.

Do you agree with Wildfire’s actionable strategies for improving engagement?

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