Can you tell us a bit about LUX FIX?

LUX FIX is a disruptive model for luxury e-commerce: by sharing our customers we can offer consumers exclusive deals on current season fashion. Customers shop our time-limited pop-up deals directly on and are sent to our brand partners’ official e-stores to shop the full collections via our private affiliate network.

Where did you come up with the idea for the site?

AHB & RG: LUX FIX was started by raiding savings and bootstrapping its way to building an industry-recognised brand with 20 thousand founder members, over 80 top brand partners and a partnership with Europe’s leading affiliate marketing company,Tradedoubler.

How about its name?

AHB & RG: Well we won’t go into specifics, but a bottle of wine might have been involved and then Luxury Fix… Luxury Fix… LUX FIX!

How does LUX FIX differentiate itself in such a competitive market?

AHB & RG: LUX FIX aims to give everyone the chance to be a fashion insider. We work with some of the most talented designers in the industry who hand pick their edits of this season’s collections. We make these available for a short time only, with exclusive discounts just to make buying irresistible. We are lucky in that we work with visionary designers like Hussein Chalayan, which ensures our content is exciting season on season. We also have new collection edits every single week to make sure there is always something to come back for.

How have you benefited from the Zoo Project?

AHB & RG: We have white-labelled Tradedoubler’s technology for our affiliate program and we’re developing a new tech product together. They’ve given us invaluable access to mentorship from senior industry figures and office space through their incubator scheme.

What advice do you have for budding entrepreneurs breaking into the performance space?

AHB & RG: Start to love selling as you’ll be selling your idea every single day and remember (thanks Godfather), it’s not personal it’s just business. You have to go through a lot of set backs as a start-up, but it’s the same for everyone and when it’s good, it feels so good because it’s your baby. Also remember whatever level you are at, you’ll be pushing yourself harder – the most successful entrepreneurs we’ve met are so hard on themselves! So remember to build in landmarks for celebration.

Can you share some of the hurdles you faced getting to where you are now and how you dealt with them?

AHB & RG: We wouldn’t say there was one specific difficulty, but it is all-consuming. You have to be prepared to downsize all areas of your life, especially your social life and spending! (Definitely worth it though.)

What’s next for LUX FIX? Where do you hope to be this time next year?

AHB & RG: We are about to launch a business to business product that will help publishers and designers to monetise press coverage – very exciting!