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Kenshoo & Shoutlet's Marketing Venture Proves Facebook Strategy Increases Sales

Kenshoo & Shoutlet's Marketing Venture Proves Facebook Strategy Increases Sales


Digital marketing technology company, Kenshoo Social, has revealed how its latest integrated Facebook campaign led to a healthy return on investment and increased sales.

The global social marketing platform teamed up with online shoe and apparel retailer Zappos, and cloud-based social marketing platform Shoutlet, to highlight the value of Facebook marketing.

In addition to creating a strong paid search engine marketing program with Kenshoo, Zappos developed a social media advertising strategy to further drive sales on its website.

The approach centred around an active Facebook brand page where Zappos interacted with more than 400,000 fans, through daily page posts, photo sharing, and status updates.

Using the social media attribution solution from Kenshoo Social and Shoutlet, Zappos was then able to measure and attribute conversions and revenue to owned media posts on its brand page.

During the two-month test Zappos posted five to six times per day on its Facebook page and this generated about 85,000 visits to its website.

The increased traffic produced an average order value on par with its paid search and social marketing programs, as well as an impressive return on investment (ROI).

The campaign achieved an average conversion rate (CVR) of 1.75%, with some of the most successful page posts exceeding 10 percent CVR.

A ‘True Game-Changer’

General manager of Kenshoo Social, Sivan Metzger, said: “Utilizing attribution solutions that better reflect a company’s bottom-line goals, and seamlessly align social content and paid media teams around a common objective, can be a true game-changer.

“Zappos has proven that our innovative approach to social media measurement and optimization delivers powerful results from Facebook marketing.”

The experiment allowed Zappos to gain a valuable insight into the posts that drove the most online purchases. It then used this information to identify the best posts to amplify via desktop and mobile ‘page post ads’ - to extend reach and sales to non-fans.

Page Post Photo Ads Scoop Highest Revenue

By leveraging revenue per post and revenue per click (RPC) metrics, the media metrics newly defined by Kenshoo Social, allowed Zappos social content managers to identify the highest revenue-generating page posts.

For one particular Facebook post, Kenshoo Social and Shoutlet recorded a 3.5% unique click-through rate, a 3.4% CVR, $4.90 RPC and 34x ROI.

Amplifying high performing posts as desktop and mobile news feed page post ads, resulted in a five times revenue lift and significant ROI, with page post photo ads tending to generate the highest overall revenue.

Zappos’ social scientist, Graham Kahr, added: “Through integrated reporting, we gained a holistic view of our customer throughout the path to purchase, which has enabled us to better understand the impact of our investments.”

Israel-headquartered Kenshoo, which has offices in the US, Europe, Australia, China and Japan, has a vast list of clients including Expedia, John Lewis, Tesco and Sears.

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