Ad-blocking tool, Adblock Plus, has whitelisted Reddit for complying with the browser extension’s ‘acceptable ads’ guidelines. The move likely frees up the social news site’s primary source of revenue.

Erik Martin, GM of Reddit, has tried to keep a tight rein on Reddit’s ads. “We’ve always had limits on the type of ads we accept at Reddit,” he revealed. “We respect our community and we’re serious about not displaying obnoxious ads.”

Until now, AdBlock Plus has always thwarted brands’ attempts at engaging with users. However, these latest developments indicate a company either buckling to advertiser pressure or looking to change online display marketing for the better.

Revenue lifeline for websites

Adblock Plus’ new policies are set to give sites a lifeline when it comes to selling media on their pages. The developer admits that increasing usage of the tool has the potential to render ‘small websites unsustainable’.

The new policies outline how static, text-only advertisements are deemed acceptable. It also provides details on ad placement preventing the obstruction of content and size of ads to avoid excessive scrolling.

Championing a new era of responsible advertising seems to be on Adblock Plus’ agenda. Co-founder, Till Faida, spoke of the benefit to websites that complied with the software’s new policies.

“[Acceptable Ads] not only rewards responsible advertisers, but encourages them,” he said. “We’re very excited that Reddit has shown a deep commitment to making its site safe with responsible ads.”