Performance marketing is helping to bridge the gap between the value derived from advertising and the expectation associated with any ad spend.

Transparency, attribution and return on investment are buzz words that affiliate marketing has had to contend with as part of the performance equation. This accountability is now broadening to encompass other more traditional fields like display and offline as well as more recent digital additions like mobile and big data. Keeping ahead of these changing trends is of paramount importance for online specialists as there is often no single solution that works for everyone.

The affiliate marketing concept has matured, hence the all encompassing performance marketing title. In truth, publishers have always been performance measured and rewarded and it’s this fact that is causing CMOs and traditional marketers to sit up and take notice. Publishers don’t just drive traffic; their key goal is to drive sales, so being dynamic, innovative and progressive is the best way to achieve this. This effect can be multiplied when advertisers share the same attributes. Restricting a whole publisher segment is one example and an alternative could be to work closely with one or two to address any concerns, gain insights or create a custom solution that allows all parties to benefit.

This also highlights the value of clear communication, whether they are broad marketing goals or the focused delivery of one or more key metrics. Share as much as you can and bring your partners into that inner circle so they can work intelligently on the information and act as an extension of your marketing activities.

The Performance Marketing Insights event looks to do just that, by acting as a catalyst for what is already happening in the wider online ecosphere. What you are already doing is likely to be great, but could it be better? Does better necessarily mean more resources, more restrictions or more tools? However you choose to implement what you learn, the by-product should always be; more productive and engaged partners, an advanced presence online and the thought that performance marketing is gaining momentum fast. Only those already taking advantage of the shifts and nuances will be able to reap the rewards as early adopters.

Affiliate Window are Titanium sponsors of Performance Marketing Insights; NYC. Hear Mark Walters speak at the event. Contact Mark Atherton for more information.