BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin continue to dominate the UK telecoms market, collectively enjoying around 90% of the fixed line and broadband market.

This is in spite of them being clearly the most expensive providers in the UK – so why is the UK public not hanging up on them?

The answer is twofold: misleading marketing promising half price deals while they make up their losses with expensive line rental, 50% more on daytime calls and 17% on mobile calls; and secondly the other providers are not doing enough to entice customers away.

It is clear being cheaper is just not enough, and more has to be done to prove to the UK public, who are naturally resistant to change, that a better and far more cost-effective service is on offer elsewhere.

Customers of mammoths BT, Sky, TalkTalk or Virgin can now simply put in their current telecom payment plan and the average amount of calls they make a week into Direct Save’s online price calculator and it will instantly tell them how much money they could save by switching.

Stats provided by the money conscious provider show that 82% of its new customers save at least £150 in the first year, while some are saving as much as £464.

“Customers no longer have to visit the comparison sites and wade through endless amounts of data to find out what they want,” says Direct Save CEO, Stavros Tsolakis. “They can simply visit Direct Save’s website and see how much they can save in a matter of minutes. We are the first provider to put a calculator on its website as we know we are the cheapest, and we want to prove this to all the customers of the Big 4. It’s a new year and therefore a perfect time to get finances in order. The big 4 have dominated the market with overinflated prices for far too long – it’s now time for a change.”

The calculator will be updated on a regular basis, for example it is already showing the Virgin’s price increases for February 2013.

If you want to slash your telecoms bill this year, visit: