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Real-Time Chat to Help E-Shoppers Stay at Checkout

Real-Time Chat to Help E-Shoppers Stay at Checkout


In a bid to help customers complete that all important transaction at the checkout, innovative cart recovery experts at Ve Interactive have launched a new real-time chat service.

As clinging onto consumers becomes increasingly more crucial in the fast-moving and highly competitive online world, the London-based company thought it was a prime time to reveal its latest cart recovery technique.

As a result, an artificial intelligence-enabled, multilingual chat agent, known as the VeChat software, was born.

The new system works by analysing metadata from a visitor’s online journey and comparing it all in real time, with information held by the merchant.

Pop-up Chatbox

VeChat, which is triggered to engage dynamically and route the visitor intelligently, works by loading what looks like a chat box onto the user’s page and then asks a basic question, applicable to where the visitor was in that process.

The chat agent can then ask the right questions and point them in the right direction, thus creating engagement. It is hoped that this method will ensure the customer stays on the site and continues the process.

Co-founder and CEO of Ve Interactive, David Brown, said cart abandonment should not be dealt with as an isolated problem and he believes it is simply ‘tunnel vision’ to ignore the wider online efficiency issues that feed it.

E-commerce sites are under mounting pressure to deliver revenue performance in an increasingly competitive market, and so we have responded to demand with this driver in mind,” Brown begins.

“At Ve Interactive we continually invest in developing new technologies to provide additional optimisation and conversion tools for our clients. This ensures that they can always respond to changing buyer behaviours and new platforms, and so boost conversions and website productivity.”

Basket Abandonment

In its quest to take abandoned cart recovery and remarketing to a ‘whole new level’, the company says the new interactive programme will help address the 80 percent of e-commerce visitors who abandon online stores without leaving an email address.

Brown said the more VeChat learns about user journeys and the issues causing basket abandonment, the more intelligent it becomes, meaning that consumers will be able to shop smarter too.

The 24/7 chat option, which can operate in 11 languages, will offer Ve Interactive clients the ability to ‘initiate and blend’ real-time customer service and marketing into their online sales processes.

The new innovation is also designed to help e-commerce merchants find new customers, as well as retain existing ones.

Is VeChat a good idea or a step too far?

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