Name: Shepherd’s Friendly

Contact: Liz Wood


Tell us a little bit about Shepherd’s Friendly

Shepherd’s Friendly Society provides savings and insurance products. We specialise in providing children’s tax-free savings, Income Protection and Over 50’s Life Insurance. With over 185 years’ experience, we look after 66,000 members’ savings and insurance needs.

As our name shows, we’re a friendly ‘mutual’ society, which simply means that we don’t have to pay shareholder dividends, therefore all the profit that we make is used to benefit our members. This matters to us, as we put our members firmly at the centre of everything we do.

What sets Shepherd’s Friendly apart from its competitors?

Because Shepherd’s Friendly is a Financial Mutual Society, we concentrate entirely on delivering products and services that best meet the needs of our customers. Every Shepherd’s Friendly member will personally speak to an actual person, someone who understands and listens to that customer’s individual needs and requirements.

This not only applies to our members, but to our business partners customers as well. We are keen to continue to develop our affiliate programme and put performance marketing at the core of what we do, ensuring that everyone benefits along the way.

Can you give us a quick overview of the Shepherds Friendly affiliate programme?

We offer competitive commissions on a range of savings and insurance products. We have a variety of tax-free investment plans for children, including our innovative University Savings Plan.

Since the launch of the Junior ISA in November 2011, this has become one of our most popular products. We also announced recently that we will be paying an annual bonus award for the Junior ISA of 3%. This shows that even during the current challenging economic climate, the Shepherd’s Friendly investment strategy has proved to be effective.

In addition to the children’s savings range, we offer several niche insurance products, such as our popular Over 50s life insurance.

What resources does the programme offer?

We use the innovative tracking and reporting software from Performance Horizon Group, ensuring that affiliates have access to reliable and accurate tracking data, allowing them to optimise their sales process and have real-time access to their performance.

Our agency, IProsper Media, provides affiliates with dedicated account resource. They also have the ability to produce bespoke widgets, landing pages, press releases and other content dependent on requirements at no cost to our affiliates. If there’s something you think would help you promote our programme, or increase conversion, talk to us and we’ll try to make it happen.

What affiliate types do you want to work with?

We currently work with a range of affiliates, from finance specialists to parent’s lifestyle sites. We would be happy to work with any of the following, just get in touch and let us know a little bit about yourself!

  • Content affiliates
  • Finance affiliates
  • Lead generation
  • Cashback sites
  • Vouchercode sites
  • Email affiliates
  • Lifestyle sites

How do affiliates get in touch/join the programme

To join the Shepherd’s Friendly affiliate programme, simply go to PHG and sign up

The programme is managed by iProsper Media. If you’d like to get in touch please drop Liz an email –

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