ExactTarget has taken the wraps off MobilePush, part of its mobile offering. The enterprise push notification service lets users drive messaging to apps on smartphones and tablets, which could increase brand engagement.

The SaaS provider has undertaken studies that have shown push messaging to more than double mobile app engagement and user retention. MobilePush can be used by performance marketers to deliver deals, discounts or alerts to a consumer’s smartphone.

The latest functionality comes bundled with ExactTarget’s SaaS, or what the company calls its Interactive Marketing Hub. It gives marketers the chance to tailor targeted push messages based on cross-channel consumer data in order to encourage app usage and aid ROI.

Segregate campaigns by demographic

User segmentation is available as part of MobilePush. It’s possible to build profiles by capturing data such as zip codes, device types, interests, and demographics. There’s also the option to schedule push notifications for specific times, tracking to test conversion rates.

The MobilePush control panel provides information on how consumers are navigating the app. Marketers can access features like the ability to see the products a consumer might be viewing or the time they’re spending on each page.

Tim Kopp, ExactTarget’s Chief Marketing Officer, spoke of how the app could assist in other channels. “ExactTarget’s MobilePush application provides the industry’s first solution to seamlessly integrate app-level messaging that leverages engagement data from across email, mobile, social and the Web to deliver the most relevant engaging experience,” he said.