Targeting and retargeting are currently one of the most important performance marketing topics for 2013. The Commission Junction research also found German agencies would be heavily investing in the customer journey and internationalisation.

Respondents to CJ’s research said that they intend on building stronger relationships with retargeting publishers and content sites over the coming year. The results show a growing confidence in the behavioural advertising concept.

Retargeting graph

Global expansion is a priority as the agencies look beyond Germany’s border for growth opportunities. Regions of particular interest to respondents were France and the UK, but there were also some with their sights set further afield including the USA.

Co-sponsoring to lessen

The same German agencies revealed that they might have to sacrifice co-sponsoring as their focus on targeting grew. They believe that co-sponsoring is only the domain of a smaller, niche group of advertisers.


Ralph Fruehwald, Managing Director at myThings Germany, spoke to A4u about the increasing interest in retargeting. He feels the growing inventory in the country has helped retargeting to become a more compelling option for agencies.

“First and foremost, the substantial growth in programmatic media buying in Germany lately – driven by the leap in available inventory,” he said. “Second, retargeting is so effective that agencies are seeing more and more budgets shifting to retargeting specialists.”