Online lifestyle store ACHICA is to work with FusePump to improve its affiliate programme. ACHICA’s affiliate programme has been running for over two years and is now looking to work with FusePump, experts in e-commerce marketing technology to enhance the user experience for their affiliates.

John Harradence, Affiliate Marketing Executive at ACHICA, explains what they are hoping to achieve by using FusePump technology.

“We think our affiliate programme is one of the best, as we are a unique retailer and tend to have a high conversion rate. However, we wanted to bring our programme together so that we could improve the results and develop the relationship with our affiliates, making sure that they have the best tools to work with.”

FusePump are providing ACHICA with a customised performance marketing hub and affiliate tools, which will enhance the user experience for their affiliates, but also centralise the affiliate marketing programme as a whole.

The hub acts as a central location where the affiliates can access all promotions, content and any information they need. ACHICA will also be able to contact its affiliates directly, improving communication and helping to resolve queries much faster.

The addition of the FusePump tools gives ACHICA’s affiliates more flexibility when creating the content. The FeedCreator allows the affiliates to select specific products from within the ACHICA feed; this can then be used with the AdCreator or WidgetCreator to build targeted advertising that directly appeals to customers.

Sean McAuley, Commercial Director at FusePump, is enthusiastic about the partnership.

“It’s great to work with such an interesting and unique company, particularly one that is so supportive of its affiliates. The FusePump affiliate hub and tools will help ACHICA work more closely with its affiliates, helping them to achieve stronger leads and higher conversion rates.”

About FusePump
FusePump provide simple and profitable online product marketing solutions for e-commerce retailers. FusePump enable the production of high quality data feeds which allow retailers to optimise product visibility in all online channels. FusePump also offer a free e-commerce site check to assess data feed production possibilities and can provide feedback on under-performing data feeds and how to improve them.

ACHICA is an exclusive online luxury lifestyle store, offering a range of chic items at discounted prices. Promotions take place during the week and members have the chance to purchase items in short-term private sales that begin at 6.30am and last for a maximum of 72 hours.