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A4u Programme of the Week: Overclockers UK

A4u Programme of the Week: Overclockers UK


Merchant name: Overclockers UK

Program name: Overclockers UK affiliate program

Network: The Affiliate Gateway

Contact: Chris Thom, UK Accounts


Skype: chris.thom2

For the benefit of those that may not have already heard of you, who are Overclockers UK?

Overclockers UK is one of the most successful retailers of high-end computer components, overclocked Gaming PC, modding accessories and consumer electronics in the UK. We currently stock 6,000 products available to buy online. We stock a large selection of graphics cards, motherboards, processors, storage drives and gaming systems.

What is it that makes Overclockers UK stand out over and above the competition?

For those who want to build individual systems, Overclockers UK offers all the necessities like case fans, fan controllers and CPU coolers from all the best manufacturers in the industry, providing customers with unrivalled choice and peace of mind. With such a large range of components and products on offer, competitive low prices and a highly knowledgeable sales team, Overclockers UK are committed to providing excellent customer service and have in place an industry leading, 14 day satisfaction guarantee.

Is this the first time Overclockers UK has had an affiliate program & if so why has such a well known brand not utilised the affiliate channel before?

Overclockers UK were recently taken over by CaseKing has a well established affiliate program running in Germany. Affiliate marketing has been a key part of the marketing mix for CaseKing, when we acquired Overclockers UK we were already well aware of the potential that this channel has to drive incremental revenue for the brand. We were keen to quickly establish a program for Overclockers UK and while we had extensive knowledge of the German market, we wanted to partner with a network that had local knowledge here in the UK.

The Affiliate Gateway (TAG) is a global network and as such they had the robust infrastructure we were looking for as well as extensive reach into potential new markets; however we chose to work with TAG because they were established in the UK and already had existing relationships with key partners that we could quickly leverage in order to build strategic partnerships. This has enabled us to set up our program and quickly drive the volume of sales we were looking to achieve. Now that our program is up and running we are looking to expand the program further and attract new partners that will diversify our existing affiliate portfolio.

When did the new affiliate program go live and what sort of success has it enjoyed to date?

The new Overclockers UK affiliate program went live two months ago in November 2012. Since then we have been steadily building up the program with the help of our account managers at TAG, the results have exceeded expectation and now we are really starting to see some traction. We’ve had great feedback from members of the Overclockers UK community who are particularly pleased about our new partnerships with some of the main cash back providers such as Quidco and TopCashBack.

What are the USP’s that set your affiliate program apart from others?

No other program provides affiliates with the ability to promote such an extensive range of high end electrical products and computer components. Our product catalogue consists of over 6000 top branded products all of which are made available via data feeds that allow our affiliates to deep link to any product in our catalogue! Overclockers UK is more than just a retail brand, it is an entire community with over 80,000 forum members who actively participate on our UK forum and generate over a million page views a month. New customers can seek impartial advice from our community members and purchase in complete confidence knowing that our support team is on hand to deal with any questions they may have.

With regards to new affiliates that are looking to join our program we think our biggest USP is our willingness communicate with affiliates and react quickly to their needs. Productive affiliate partnerships are only possible when merchants and their network partners are prepared to communicate with their affiliates quickly and respond proactively to their needs. Fortunately our account managers at TAG share this ethos and are on hand to provide new affiliates with whatever advice and support they require. Out of hours support is provided where necessary and their account managers are happy to speak to you by phone, Skype or in person.

We are constantly working hard to evolve the program and provide additional promotional tools and resources. If a new partner requires bespoke creative or additional resources in order to promote our brand we will supply this. We are also prepared to undertake bespoke development to facilitate additional integration requirements for certain key partners, we are fortunate that our network partner is agile enough and willing to facilitate this.

What type of affiliate demographic are you looking to attract to participate in the Overclockers UK affiliate program?

Anyone that wishes to participate in the Overclockers UK affiliate program is invited to apply. We accept businesses and individual marketers alike; each can be assured of the same friendly welcome, quick approval and ongoing communication & support. The affiliates who are most likely to succeed are those that already have a user base or customers with an interest in the computing and gaming industry which these days has pretty broad appeal.

Our existing affiliate portfolio consists of niche content bloggers, cash back, employee benefits and loyalty affiliates as well as voucher code and email partners. If you are interested in discussing the possibility of partnering with us then the best thing to do is get in touch and let’s talk!

What advice would you give to new affiliates that have recently joined your program on TAG?

Get in touch with your account manager at The Affiliate Gateway and say hello! The account management team at TAG are knowledgeable and approachable. They are on hand to assist you and will be happy to discuss ways in which you can promote Overclockers UK with specific reference to your business/website and your existing areas of expertise.

As soon as you are approved on our program you will have access to all the resources that are currently available to affiliates in order to begin promoting Overclockers UK. If you require anything specific to assist you in the promotion of our brand that is not currently available then please just ask and we will do our best to facilitate your request.

There is also a wealth of resource available to you and the Overclockers forum. Participating in the Overclockers UK community is a great way to learn more about our brand and keep up to date with latest developments at Overclockers UK. We would encourage all of our affiliates to sign up and become part of our thriving community!

We also advise any new affiliate that is a member of A4U to bookmark the new Overclockers UK thread on the TAG dedicated forum here on the A4U website. This thread will be kept up to date with all noteworthy news relating to Overclockers UK and all our latest program developments.

And finally, how can interested affiliates get in touch?

If you would like more information before signing up to our affiliate program, to discuss opportunities or for any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated account management team at The Affiliate Gateway. If you already have an affiliate account at TAG and you would like to join our program then you can find us and apply via the program directory located within your affiliate admin area. If you do not yet have an affiliate account with TAG you can create one instantly here.

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