Rocket Fuel has revealed revenue of $107 million for 2012, a figure that’s up by 138% on 2011’s $45 million. The company’s market share has also grown thanks to an increase of 93% on the number of advertisers signed up compared to the year prior.

The digital advertising campaign supplier released figures on its technology platform’s usage. Throughout 2012 it addressed 26.237 billion daily real-time biddable impressions across display, video, mobile and Facebook advertising inventory.

Staff at the company had to rise in order to cater for the rapid expansion being undertaken. Employees totalled 289 at the year-end in 2012, a 126% increase on the 128 who worked at Rocket Fuel in 2011.

New offices

Various offices were opened by Rocket Fuel during the course of 2012. The likes of Amsterdam, Atlanta, Hamburg, Raleigh-Durham, Toronto, Washington DC will all now benefit from local display advertising expertise.

Rocket Fuel managed to enter the Japanese programmatic buying market too. Its platform will run under cyber communications’ own digital ad-management service, PerformanceX Management solution to offer direct response campaigns.

George John, CEO of Rocket Fuel, is enthusiastic about the industry he finds himself in. “It’s an incredibly exciting time to be part of the advertising economy, with a $500Bn global advertising market that has made itself increasingly available to Rocket Fuel’s programmatic buying platform, such as Facebook’s creation of its exchange,” he said.