Name: M&S; Energy

Contact: Jennifer Rogerson


Can you give us a brief overview of the M&S; Energy affiliate programme?

Marks and Spencer have partnered with SSE to bring you M&S; Energy – a great value gas and electricity package that makes energy simple and rewarding. SSE is the UK’s leading provider of renewable energy and so is a perfect match for M&S;’ Plan A commitment to helping the environment, and making it easier for customers to help too.

M&S; Energy’s latest product is Capped Price, offering the customer long term peace of mind. It’s simple – your energy prices can come down, but won’t go above the cap, and that’s guaranteed until February 2015.

The affiliate programme is managed by Jennifer Rogerson at Equator via Affiliate Window.

What sets M&S; Energy apart from its competitors?

The USPs are simple. M&S; is a trusted household name, so you can rest assured that your energy is brought to you by a company that is responsive, compassionate and socially responsible.

You’ll benefit from outstanding customer service, with 96% of existing customers happy to recommend M&S; Energy to friends and family. Plus, earn up to £70 M&S; vouchers for your first year to spend instore, by switching to us and staying with us, choosing paperless billing and reducing your bills by saving energy where you can.

How flexible is your commission structure? Can affiliates discuss different rates with you?

We pay £23.20 for single fuel (gas or electricity) applications and £46.40 for dual fuel (both gas and electricity) but we are very flexible. We regularly take advantage of opportunities for increased exposure by offering a commission increase, or investing in tenancy opportunities. We try to think outside the box too – we’ve been known to offer vouchers for the customer alongside affiliate commission, and we’re always keen to hear affiliates’ ideas about the incentives that work well for their demographic.

With such a wide range of affiliates available for you to utilise – which affiliate demographics are you looking for to join M&S; Energy?

We’ve experienced great success so far with loyalty affiliates, but with so much to talk about around the product, we’re keen to recruit more content affiliates and support them in creating engaging content about M&S; Energy. We’d also love to explore opportunities to reach new audiences with email partners, so please do get in touch if you feel you can support us in this.

Anything else our readers should know?

Affiliates should note that all transactions will naturally track as single fuel. When we validate the sales, we uplift commission for transactions that were both gas and electricity. This is especially important for cashback/loyalty affiliates, who should ensure that the copy on their sites sets members’ expectations to this effect.

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