Connectalytics helps bring PPC data from Microsoft Bing into Google Analytics. The new tool from Vuurr gives advertisers and agencies an alternative to manually merging, calculating and analysing advertising data from Google Adwords, Bing Ads or other monetised sources.

Microsoft’s Bing Ads will be the first source supported by Connectalytics. Vuurr has stated that Facebook and LinkedIn connections are already in the development phase and are expected to be active soon.

Cross-campaign and pay-per-click advertising data is brought together from various sources in Connectalytics. Keywords, bids and goals from pre-defined PPC accounts in Bing Ads are aggregated with click data in Google Analytics.

Cost data can also be pulled from any number of a user’s feeds, or one ad campaign, using Connectalytics. The results are then fed through to the same user’s Anayltics account with the help of Google’s nifty APIs.

Nocturnal updates

The whole process occurs on a nightly basis. When the sun goes down, Connectalytics brings the day’s data together from each feed. It then properly formats the data and updates the values in Google Analytics.

Chris Conrey, Vuurr’s COO, touted the pros of his product. “Connectalytics lets marketers do what they do best – manage their campaigns,” he said. “Having a complete picture of your online advertising will make strategy diagnosis faster, more accurate and easier across multiple sources.”

Connectalytics is currently free for up to 10,000 keywords. The one disadavantage to take into consideration is that the workaround’s nightly updates prevent real time feedback. In the digital world this has the potential to make or break a campaign’s performance.