Callcredit Information Group has revealed stats that show the older generation are becoming increasingly relaxed with online shopping methods. Analysis of the marketing solutions provider’s data declared 19% of 45-50 year olds shop for groceries online.

The data, taken from Callcredit’s Define consumer database, showed how younger age categories were using holiday sites less that those more senior. Nearly a quarter (24%) of 51-60 year olds compared to just 4% of 18-24 year olds.

Ben Allott, Business Development Manager at Callcredit, was taken aback by the results. “What is surprising about our findings is the shift in age groups shopping online, with the older generation embracing online shopping scoring higher when purchasing groceries, holidays and airline tickets over younger consumers,” he said.

Supermarkets still in the mix

Seniors aren’t completely shying away from traditional retail, though. Callcredit found that 28% of 51-60 year olds shop at supermarkets. Meanwhile 24% of 45-50 years olds and 14% of those in the 18-24 age gap still head to larger grocery establishments.

Define’s database of 24 million email addresses and 15 million mobile numbers discovered that tablets and smartphones are seeing a healthy usage by the middle aged. The 36-40 and 41-44 age categories jointly recorded 16% of people using touch devices to make online purchases.

Allot believes merchants’ data will become even more important. “For retailers embracing technology and big data assets is a must if they want to acquire new customers, reach reactivate lapsers or retain and grow current relationships and compete against their competitors,” he affirmed.