All parents want to make sure their little ones eat the right kind of food, made from the best possible natural ingredients.

However, this is sometimes not possible either due to a lack of time or money.

Well, today is a good day for all parents! Little Dish, the UK’s leading children’s fresh food brand, has announced it is teaming up with Shopitize ( to offer discounts on many of its favourite kids meals.

Thousands of savvy shoppers are already using Shopitize’s unique money saving shopping service. These sharp shoppers will now get exclusive discounts on Little Dish products, such as its Beef Lasagne (200g), Chicken Risotto (200g) and Chicken & Butternut Squash Pie (200g).

Little Dish, which was launched in 2006, is the UK’s leading children’s fresh food brand providing a range of fresh meal solutions for toddlers and young children. Made from 100% natural ingredients Little Dish makes kid’s healthy meals easy. Little Dish feeds approximately 100,000 children in the UK each week.

What makes Little Dish even more unique is all their family favourites are ‘Kid Tested, Mum Approved.’ This means all its meals are given the thumbs up by a team of Little Dish Tiny Tasters aged between 1 and 6. Their mums regularly provide feedback on all current and new products.

Little Dish joins big-name brands Kellogg’s, United Biscuits and Aunt Bessie’s in offering exclusive deals to switched-on shoppers.

Shopitize, one of the UK’s top 6 innovators according to network giant Cisco, has developed its unique mobile-couponing shopping app to make it easier for brands to connect with their customers.

The app is free to use, easy to understand, and simply takes the hassle out of using coupons while shopping.

“We are delighted to become the latest brand to sign-up with Shopitize,” says Oli Mason, Communications Manager at Little Dish.

“In just 6 years, Little Dish has created a new category in the chilled food aisle. We believe mobile couponing will enable us to build on this by allowing Little Dish to connect directly with customers in a completely new way. Shopitize is a powerful multi brand, multi channel marketing tool which will help us to reach a new generation of families.

“This, in turn, will enable us to grow further as a brand and ensure that we stay the UK’s leading choice when it comes to feeding children.”

Alexey Andriyanenko, co-founder and managing director of Shopitize, says: “Shopitize is delighted that Little Dish has become the latest brand to utilize Shopitize’s mobile couponing service.

“Mobile couponing is the future of shopping. The Smartphone is a must-have gadget for the majority of the UK public … it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that this is where brands need to target to reach new and existing customers.

“Shopitize simply gives brands the ammunition to achieve this in a fun, interactive and cost effective way.”


About Shopitize
Shopitize aims to change the way consumers interact with the brands they love. The more consumers join and use the Shopitize mobile couponing ecosystem, the more its mobile shopping platform learns about consumers’ buying habits and the more sophisticated the exclusive deals they’ll receive, saving both time and money for consumers and the brands they love. Visit

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About Little Dish
Little Dish was founded by mum-of-two Hillary Graves in 2006. It is the only brand offering a range of fresh, natural meals for toddlers and young children made from 100% natural ingredients and no added salt or sugar, providing a truly healthy and convenient option for parents.
More than 100,000 kids enjoy Little Dish each week.