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A4u Programme of the Week: SkyParkSecure

A4u Programme of the Week: SkyParkSecure


Name: SkyParkSecure

Contact: Ian Richardson


Can you tell us a little about SkyParkSecure?

SkyParkSecure have been selling airport parking in the UK since 2003 and we've grown to become one of the leading brands, serving 100,000's customers every year.

We offer airport parking at every airport in the UK and in the last 12 months we've added a number of lounge and hotel products, all available to affiliates at strong commissions and great conversion rates.

What are some developments that SkyParkSecure have seen this year that put it ahead of it's competitors?

We've invested heavily this year, in making sure that customers can book airport parking and related products through any device; primarily this has involved developing sites that work on tablets and smartphones but also launching our own app on both Android and iTunes.

Affiliate referred bookings are tracked through the mobile site and very soon they'll also be tracked through the app.

We've also spent a lot of time structuring our commissions - airport parking is an industry where margins vary massively, and rather than offering a flat rate across the board, we've worked hard to provide a wide range of commissions based on product, so that affiliates can push traffic to higher earning products with great reviews, high basket value and commissions of up to 20%.

This year we also built a fantastic widget that offers affiliates a great opportunity to fully integrate airport parking products into their site by simply copying a few lines of code.

What does this mean for it's affiliates?

We've worked on these because we want affiliates to be able to work on a more targeted basis; airport parking is a very practical product and the key is offering customers a service with which they feel secure - after all parking your car for your holiday can determine whether your holiday gets off to a good start!

Targeting customers to specific products that can earn high commissions for affiliates can help to ensure that customers choose the very best products to get their holiday off to a great start.

It of course also means that the ongoing increase in users accessing email on smartphones and tablets is supported by a site that converts very well and is very quick and easy to use.

What resources/commission does SkyParkSecure offer it's affiliates?

Asides from our widget and the usual array of banners and links, we offer a full XML feed and white label service.

Commissions range from 5%-22% and include everything - all products, booking fees, add-ons etc.

Why should publishers consider promoting the SkyParkSecure brand?

Apart from offering very strong commissions, fantastic products and some of the best marketing tools in the industry, we work very hard to build strong relationships with all our affiliates and are always available to chat through ideas to see how we might work well with each of our affiliates.

We have a strong team which supports our affiliates and keep our affiliates up to date with offers, discounts available, product updates and industry news.

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