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Top Ten Articles on A4u in 2012

Top Ten Articles on A4u in 2012


The year 2012 has seen the spectacular London Olympics, a Royal pregnancy and the re-election of Barack Obama, but none of that brought you here. What you want to know is, which of the big performance marketing trends garnered the most interest on A4u?

2012 saw mobile make huge strides in a tracking sense, but there are still some quarters who believe it has a long way to go. We’ve seen extreme coupon culture, struggling networks, mainstream publishers make use of disruptive marketing and, unfortunately, the dredging up of old tags.

So without further ado, here’s a breakdown of the most-read articles on A4u.

Top 10 articles on A4u

  1. 2012's top 10 affiliate technologies
  2. Top Tips for Affiliate Marketers in 2012
  3. Google Affiliate Network Officially Launches in the UK
  4. Analysing The Incremental Value of Cashback
  5. 10 questions affiliates aren't asking their account managers
  6. Tony Nelan, Head of Google Affiliate Network - Q&A;
  7. How does the US affiliate market differ from the UK? - Q&A;
  8. 10 Quick Wins to Increase Conversion
  9. The mobile performance landscape [INFOGRAPHIC]
  10. 10 performance marketing predictions

Until next year, then, when we look forward to giving you all the biggest stories and talking points from the world of performance marketing. Keep checking back, it’s going to be a huge year for A4u and an even bigger one for the industry.

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