The Performance Marketing Association has taken the wraps of its latest board, featuring a total of 11 people. The board contains ten new additions and only ShareASale’s CEO/President, Brian Littleton will be continuing his role.

In a statement on its website, the PMA said that the election for seats on the board of directors turned out to be a very closely fought contest. It also detailed how there was a record voter turnout that managed to exceed the national elections, presumably only in percentage terms.

Networks, agencies and publishers will all be given a voice as they set the strategic vision and policies of the Performance Marketing Association for the year ahead. The entire board will work together on improving the performance marketing industry in the USA.

Commmission Junction remains on PMA board

One of the country’s biggest networks continues to have a presence on the board. Jennifer Lovette, no longer at Commission Junction, has been replaced on the PMA by the network’s Senior Director of Advertiser Development, Isabelle Meyer Stapf.

Craig O’Neill, part of’s Merchant Support, will be providing the publisher point of view. Whereas CEO of GTO Management, Karen Garcia, and Mike Nunez,’s CEO, will be ensuring agencies have a voice.

Now in its fifth year of operation, the PMA is a not-for-profit trade association that outlines best practices. It provides performance marketers with a unified voice to address issues and challenges facing the industry.

New board recruit and MD of Acceleration Partners, Robert Glazer, gave his reasons for joining, which were in line with the PMA’s own aspirations. “I joined the PMA because I believe that the performance marketing industry needs leaders who are willing to tackle the tough issues and advocate for clearer norms and guidelines for the industry,” he affirmed.