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Did Mega Monday get Eclipsed as the Peak Christmas Trading Period?

Did Mega Monday get Eclipsed as the Peak Christmas Trading Period?


Affiliate Window smashed all previous peak network trading records on Monday 3rd December, also known as Mega Monday. While this was widely anticipated to be the peak trading day of the year, many were predicting (and have subsequently reported) that Monday 10th December actually surpassed Mega Monday activity.

Additionally, there was a lot of clamour that the busiest trading day before Christmas would be Monday 17th December. With last delivery dates before Christmas becoming later and later and consumers increasingly confident that their goods will be delivered in time, retailers were bracing themselves for an additional spike.

This article looks into the stats that we saw across the network for both of these dates (and everything in between) to see if ‘Mega Monday’ did actually get usurped.

From our data it is evident that ‘Mega Monday’ was indeed the peak trading period across the network. We experienced a significant spike in the number of transactions that day. Average order values were down on what we had seen in November and the first couple of days of December but this was in a period where advertisers were undertaking heavy discounting to attract consumer attention at a time when deals were the norm.


If we look at Monday 10th December, this is some way below ‘Mega Monday’ in terms of transaction volumes and is only the 3rd biggest volume driver in December (also falling behind Thursday 6th December).

Monday 17th was even lower in terms of transaction volumes. In fact there were only 4 days in December to date that we have seen generate lower transaction volumes – although this was busier than the weekend that preceded it.

Sales by device

Looking at the device trends, again it is evident that tablet devices experience significant peaks in their share of sales at the weekend and it’s the device of choice for many purchasing from their homes. We have also seen sales through handsets peak at over 6% - a considerable volume of sales indicating that more and more consumers are prepared to shop through these devices. Advertisers that have taken advantage of mobile commerce and optimised their site for mobile, and more importantly added affiliate tracking, have reaped the rewards in the run up to Christmas.

Share of sales by device

As well as seeing increased volumes of sales coming through mobile devices, we are also seeing consumers spending more through these devices. AOV through tablet devices were above that of desktop on all but 3 of the days so far in December with a noticeable peak on Tuesdays (4th and 11th) as well as Monday 17th.

The AOV through handsets peaked at just under £50 during the month showing that consumers are prepared to spend a fair amount through mobile handsets – although they have a little way to go before they reach the levels of tablet/desktops.

Average order values

It appears that Mega Monday is still the key trading period where consumers flock online in their masses despite there being new contenders for the crown. Despite consumer confidence in deliveries arriving in time for Christmas, the majority still want to ensure they receive their gifts in plenty of time.

If you would like to see how our stats from this period compare to what we saw as a network in 2011, you can read our write ups from the end of last year here and here.

If you missed our infographic that investigated the concept of Mega Monday and our stats for this period in greater detail, you can view a copy of this here. You can also receive more general network updates from us by signing up to our monthly strategy newsletter.

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Matt Swan

Matt Swan

As a Client Strategist at Digital Window Matt works with advertisers across both Affiliate Window and platforms. The role involves working closely with the account management and business development teams on delivering and optimising affiliate campaigns.

Matt also works on research projects both for individual clients and overall market trends. He has recently undertaken research into the mobile network sector and also investigating the growth of m-commerce within the affiliate channel.

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