Five E-commerce Predictions for 2013

5 years
    Press Release

Despite questions over the future of some of the biggest daily deal providers, e-deals and offers are still going strong and have plenty of potential in the European market. At NimbleCommerce we expect to see a number of trends shape the industry in 2013.

1. Deals and display advertising

As the industry becomes more sophisticated, and big data allows us to be even more targeted, offers and promotions will move into the mainstream. With the declining effectiveness of CPM-based advertising, brands are looking for alternatives and brand advertisers will use offers in addition to display advertising as a strategic part of the marketing mix.

2. Decline of the ‘daily’ deal

Publishers are already moving away from the time-limited, deep-discounted offers that have been labelled ‘daily deals’ in exchange for methodologies that are more sustainable. In 2013, we will see businesses move to an inventory of ‘always on’ and ‘on demand’, location-based offers.

3. Mobile technology

Mobile and tablet technology still has huge potential for e-deals and offers, and businesses need to be equipped to interact with customers through these channels in 2013. Ninety per cent of purchases made through the NimbleCommerce platform in 2012 happened on a desktop, but in 2013 we expect mobile and tablet purchasing to make up 40 per cent of all transactions.

4. Phone not paper

With the development of Apple’s Passbook and Google Wallet, we will see changes in the way customers redeem offers. We are already seeing a shift towards paperless, mobile redemption and card-linked offers, and next year we expect at least ten per cent of offers to be redeemed this way. Mobile- and card-linked offers will also help open the door to more national brands and merchants.

5. Loyalty

Card-linked mobile and digital wallet technology is opening the door to some unique loyalty schemes. Instead of one-off deals, publishers will opt to attract customers with clever loyalty programmes, providing offers based on individual behaviour and location.

There is still huge consumer demand for deals and offers, and with advances in technology we’re seeing smarter ways of engaging with customers. The rise of the e-deal industry is a trend that no retailer can afford to ignore and one which will continue to grow in 2013.