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A4u Programme of the Week: 4th aspect

A4u Programme of the Week: 4th aspect


Name: 4th aspect

Contact: Claire Glynn


Could you tell us about 4th aspect?

4th aspect is a very simple to use yet extremely powerful web based SEO and web marketing tool – in simple terms it get web sites highly positioned in the search engines which results in more visitors, more enquires and ultimately more sales.

It is aimed at both the professional market (4th aspect Professional) and web site owners (4th aspect LITE)

What puts 4th aspect ahead from competitors?

It’s not just analytics!

  • The software produces comprehensive, easy to read SEO website diagnostic and keyword ranking reports in less than 30 seconds which are fully editable
  • The unique link builder – this facility streamlines the process of link building using only high quality (Google friendly) link while leaving the user in control of submitting.
  • 4th aspect streamlines SEO, is easy to use and intuitive – you don’t need a high level of skill to use it.

What resources does 4th aspect offer its affiliates?

We provide a suite of promotion tools from static, banners to text links along with suggestions on how market 4th aspect and provide some sample content.

What commission does 4th aspect offer its affiliates?

Making money with 4thaspect Lite is easy! We pay you a 30% commission per customer that signs up for 4th aspect Lite through your affiliate link. That's 30% a month, every month the customer stays with 4th aspect Lite.

As long as your customer stays with 4th aspect Lite and you remain in the Affiliate Programme you'll continue earning your 30% commission each month.

Refer your Customers to 4th aspect Lite, our great SEO and Web Marketing Tool for Website Owners

Please note - 4th aspect always follows only good SEO standards and adheres to all of Google’s algorithm changes and T&C.;

For more details on the affiliate programme or to sign up please visit

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