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Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Tools

Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Tools


Ask any affiliate marketer what they want for Christmas and the answer would most likely be “more time” or “more money.” Unfortunately I don’t own a time machine and my pockets are only so deep. What I do have to offer, though, are some fantastic third-party affiliate marketing tools that will save both time and money for the majority of publishers out there.

1. Distribute Travel

Distribute Travel helps you to monetise your travel site more effectively by providing live pricing and ready-made search boxes for potential holiday goers on your site. Given the relatively complex nature of combining numerous APIs and datafeeds, this tool impresses on technical capability and best of all, it’s free!

2. iCodes UK

Spanning multiple networks, iCodes maintains a central affiliate database of all readily available discount codes within the affiliate market place. IAB compliant and with all the info you could possibly need, they only just miss out on top spot due to the 50% click share / £29.99 monthly subscription

3. Google AdWords Keyword Tool

The Google AdWords Keyword Tool has a couple of useful features, but the standout one has to be the traffic estimator allowing you to see search traffic for particular terms. This can be the making or breaking of your niche site and with no cost at all, it’s a worthy top three finish.

4. Skimlinks

The original link converters, Skimlinks will (via a small piece of JavaScript) automatically convert all of your links to retailers, into affiliate links with no work required on your part. At a 25% rev share, it takes all the hassle of affiliate marketing and makes it easy, allowing you to focus on building up your content.

5. rewardStyle

rewardStyle is an invitation-only fashion sub-network. Their dedication to one niche allows them to offer fashion specific insights such as best converting links/creative, lookbooks etc… Their monetisation support within social media is also particularly strong.

6. easycontentunits

The standout features for easycontentunits are adding price comparison to any webpage, showing best sellers or similar products all in a fully customisable content unit. At a 20% rev share, ECU makes presenting products easy and stylish.

7. AffClicks

With AffClicks you can combine your search, display and affiliate data from multiple platforms all into one dashboard offering insights on profit margin, earnings and costs.

8. Digg Digg

Digg Digg is a plugin that allows bloggers to add the social sharing buttons for multiple mediums such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest in any combination at the click of a button.

9. Coull

Sign yourself up to Coull and get paid for your users watching videos and/or later purchasing from the relevant advertiser. Alternatively you can add affiliate links to your own videos.


Although an emerging presence in the UK, Popshop’s ability to create readymade affiliate storefronts in a custom look and feel all for no cost whatsoever means they’re a noteworthy final addition.

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